At Smith & Wesson our values are simple.

  • Focus on the customer;
  • Engage with our employees, our partners, and our communities;
  • Offer our employees a safe workplace;
  • Respect all people and the environment; and
  • Operate with ethical business practices.

Our success is highly dependent on collaborating with our suppliers and we strive to work with companies and individuals who share our values.

To that effect, Smith & Wesson has adopted, shared, and published a Supplier Code of Conduct. Every company or individual that desires to become our supplier must first agree, in writing, to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct.  During the life of our relationship, we remind every supplier of our Code of Conduct by incorporating it as an integral part of our Purchase Terms and Conditions.

We maintain and monitor an Ethics Helpline at 844-537-9523 or submit a report through the Company's Ethics Web Portal and encourage our employees and suppliers to report any behavior that appears unethical or in conflict with our Code of Conduct.  We will investigate any claim and will take appropriate action to correct any unacceptable behavior, including the termination of employment or business contract.