Bringing law enforcement officers high quality, up-to-date instruction often means going a step further–so we take professional training to you in your own facilities. Our field school program brings you regularly scheduled courses or courses tailored to your agency’s specific needs. 

Even if your agency can't host a field school, you can still attend one. Call us to obtain a list of school locations and dates. Contact host agencies for application and travel information. 

For answers to your questions on hosting a field school, call our administrative offices at (413) 846-6461. 

Smith & Wesson Academy courses can be conducted at your location, providing your agency has adequate classroom space and equipment for the number of students enrolled and a suitable range and targets for the type of program requested. 

Courses may be conducted on a tuition-per-student basis (fees are as listed) or under contract. On a contract basis, a fee is quoted for the number of students guaranteed by the host agency. 

The host agency is responsible for advertising the program(s) in its region. The Academy will also promote the programs on our field school inquiry list and on our website. 

The Academy will provide all course related materials and handguns (if needed) and be responsible for instructor expenses. For international field school training, the host will be responsible for the translation of written course materials. 

Tools will be provided for student use in Springfield, MA. Students attending a field school MUST PURCHASE OR PROVIDE THEIR OWN TOOL KITS. Please refer to the course application for details.

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