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What You Carry, Carries You

Average is boring. Good is never good enough. Basic is fine, but not for you... or for us. We demand more. Allow us to Introduce you to the newest member of the Smith & Wesson M&P family, the M&P®9 Shield™ Plus, the new large capacity Micro compact you have been waiting for.

Let's dive right in to the features. Starting with magazine capacity. We've heard you, you want more rounds, in a small, concealable firearm - Enter the Shield Plus - with a capacity of up to 14 rounds - 13 in the magazine and one In the chamber. It comes with a standard, flush-fit 10-round 9mm magazine, and an extended magazine holding 13.

A small handgun with increased capacity is great, but equally important is "shootablity". We've taken the ergonomics of our M&P Series pistols and migrated them Into the small, lightweight Shield Plus. The 18° grip angle gives you a natural point of aim when you bring the gun up, helps manage recoil and get back on target quickly. We've also tuned the grip texture to be a balance of both firm grip when firing and comfort for everyday carry.

And finally, a new trigger. The Shield Plus features a new flat faced trigger design that gives the user a more consistent trigger finger placement for more accurate and repeatable shooting. 

Smith & Wesson - What you carry

Rounding out the excitement around the Shield Plus is, it is available in several different configurations including Smith & Wesson Performance Center models with ported barrels, aftermarket sights and optics ready slides.

For additional specs be sure to check out the Shield Plus pages and visit a Smith & Wesson dealer near you.

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