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A Day in the Life of Pro Shooter Julie Golob

0530 - The alarm sounds off. I've learned that it's always better to start my day without the snooze button. I brush my teeth, wash my face and drink a large glass of water.

0550 - It’s time to hit the gym. I start with a warmup on the treadmill and some sword work before jumping into a CrossFit workout. With the warm-up, the workout and cool down, I also spend a good amount of time stretching.

0650 - After getting the body moving, it’s time to get the mind right and I sit down for a 10-minute mediation before grinding beans and brewing a pot of coffee. The smell of freshly ground beans has my mouth watering.

0715 - It seems to take forever for the coffee to bloom and brew, but when it’s done, I pour a cup and sit down to plan my day. I make my to-do list and work on my training plan for what I want to focus on.

0745 - Chores need to be completed which means feeding the chickens, ducks and cats, and watering the garden. After that, I check emails and my direct messages before getting everything ready for training.

0845 - I’m loading up the truck with my pistols, ammo, belt, holster, shooting bag, targets, mat, pasters, water, and snacks for the drive to the range. I’m currently training for the Bianchi Cup and it usually takes an hour to drive to my local club which has all the courses of fire props with plates, barricade, and moving target.

Range practice Julie Golob

0900 - It’s time to hit the road! I grab another cup of coffee, start the truck, push play on a playlist and begin the trek.

1000 - I make it to the range. I gear up and start out training on the Barricades. It’s an 8-string course of fire shot from around the sides of the barricades at the 10, 15, 25 and 35-yard line. It’s likely this event be one of my first stages I shoot at the Bianchi Cup so I want to begin here for my first shots downrange.
Julie Golob Barricades Bianchi Cup

After shooting on the Barricade, it’s time to run through the Moving Target a few times. For this event, you shoot a target that moves across a 60-foot opening. It’s exposed for just 6 seconds and the course of fire tests your skills on this mover from the 10, 15, 20, and 25-yard lines. It’s my favorite event in the match, but it’s also one of the most challenging. I finish the day shooting a run through the Plate Event followed by some slow fire groups at 25 and 50 yards. The Plate Event features 6, 8-inch steel plates shot from the 10, 15, 20 and 25 yard lines. After about 350 rounds, I clean up the range and head out.
Julie Golob Plate Event

1430 - Home sweet home, it’s time to clear out the truck, wipe down my guns, and stage my gear for the next training day.

1530 - Time to check in on the computer, enjoy a cup of tea and check emails.

1630 - It’s that time to start thinking about dinner and as I prep, I answer comments on social media. Tonight, it’s venison stir fry with broccoli and white rice. During the shooting season, I try to keep meals as simple and easy as possible.

1730 - Dinner is served and we sit down as a family to enjoy the meal and share our day.

1830 - It’s the time when everything begins to wind down. After cleaning up, we all go for a walk and spend family time together. As soon as my daughters are in bed, my husband I chill on the couch. I’m reading a book while sipping on a cup of herbal tea.

2115 - I begin my bedtime routine, read a few more pages and then it’s lights out with a grateful heart, ready to tackle tomorrow.

As you read this, the 2021 Bianchi Cup is in the books. The season is far from over as I work to improve my mental and physical game for this challenging course of fire. With just 2 matches under my belt after a long break from competing, I’m very pleased with my overall 14th place finish in in the Open Division and taking 3rd among the women. I lead the women on every event with the exception of one and am already adapting my training plan to continue to improve.

Competition shooting is an excellent way to experience shooting with like-minded people. They are also a great way to set your own goals, and ultimately achieve them. You don’t have to be a professional shooter to enjoy yourself and experience personal success. If you’ve considered getting started in a shooting sport, now is a wonderful time!

Follow Julie at:
IG: @juliegolob
FB: @JulieGolob
TW: @julieG1
YT: youtube.com/JulieGolob
Website: juliegolob.com

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