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MSRP: $ 40.60
SKU: 350095

All Smith & Wesson handcuffs meet the NIJ requirement pertaining to strength.
Smith & Wesson handcuffs are proudly made in Houlton, ME, U.S.A.

• Body of handcuffs is crafted from carbon steel
• Heat-treated internal lockworks
• Smooth ratchets for swift cuffing
• Double lock is a slot lock
• Includes two keys
• Lifetime Warranty

SKU: 350095
Material: Carbon Steel
Finish: Blued Finish
Wrist Opening: First Notch 2.04˝ (5.2 cm)
Inside Perimeter: First Notch 8.40˝ (21.3 cm)
Inside Perimeter - Last Notch 5.80˝ (14.7 cm)
Inside Perimeter - Tightest 1.80˝ (4.6 cm)
Weight: 12.2 oz (345.9 g)
Number of Locking Positions: 23
Distance Between Cuffs: 2.00˝ (5.1 cm)
Max. Overall Length: 8.13˝ (20.1 cm)
UPC: 022188500950

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