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L.E. Patrol Rifle Instructor

This course will satisfy established Firearms Instructors in the certification for training officers in the use of rifles/carbines suitable for law enforcement. Tactical use of the weapon is stressed as is the judicial use of deadly force at close to intermediate ranges.


Must be an established Firearms Instructor and/or have attended the Smith & Wesson Firearms Instructor course for admittance to this advanced instructor course.

Ammunition is included in the tuition fee.

Course content includes:

- Rifle/carbine philosophy
- Application vs. misapplication
- Weapon selection
- Support equipment selection
- Safety and carry conditions
- Qualifications and training guidelines
- Sighting-in procedures
- Marksmanship development
- Mobile threat engagement
- Instructor development

This program has a prerequisite of the Smith & Wesson Academy's Firearms Instructor two week course.

Length: 5 days / 32 hours

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