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Firearms Instructor

This two week course is not a basic learn to shoot school, we have implemented an M&P Pistol Familiarization course for that purpose and/or can tailor a mission specific lesson plan. This fast paced and demanding program was designed for the active Firearms Instructor or candidates in order to provide a sound basis in the development of a competent instructor, skilled with both technical and operational knowledge of the pistol, revolver, shotgun and patrol rifle along with their application in the Law Enforcement arena. The course will focus on range operations and exercises, low level lighting, movement, barricades, liability, methods of instructions as well as lesson plan development based on current statistical data and case law.

Ammunition is included in the tuition fee.

Course content includes:

- Basic instructional skill development with revolver, pistol, shotgun and rifle
- Classroom presentations
- Program for training new shooters
- Correcting shooting problems
- Methods of instruction
- Range operation
- Field maintenance
- Duties and responsibilities of instructors
- Range exercises
- Course of fire design by incident analysis
- Lesson plan development
- Liability and case law for Firearms Instructors
- Handgun flashlight techniques

Certification requirements include:

- Marksmanship ability
- Instructional techniques
- High level of technical skills
- Written Examinations

Length: 10 days / 80 hours

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