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LH Leather Hunter Holster For the M500 4" Barrel

The price is $249.95
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SKU: 19371L000

This left hand leather holster is ideal for carrying the Smith & Wesson Model 500 with a 4" barrel equipped with the scope of your choice. The slot cut down the top of the holster serves two purposes. First it allows a good fit for a scope but equally as important is to make this large revolver easier to draw. The slot on this holster is cut down to 3-1/4" from the muzzle end of the holster, leaving the shooter only 3-1/4" of leather to clear making the draw much easier. We have added five bullit loops down the side of the holster for your convenience. There are double hammer straps and double snaps for the straps, one strap fits above the hammer spur and the other below the spur resulting in a secure revolver. The holster also comes with a leather harness that fits on your weak side shoulder/neck and a belt and buckle on your chest to adjust the harness to relieve pressure on your belt and can be adjusted one inch at a time. The adjusting process is very simple and can be done while walking. Lastly this holster comes embossed with our Smith & Wesson logo, a symbol of excellence.

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