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This right hand bandoleer shoulder holster, the Black Mamba, was specifically designed for the S&W M29/629 with an 8-3/8" barrel by the Desantis Holster & Leather Co. Constructed from Nylahide which is a four part laminate of engineered polymers and composites that together form a product that is vastly superior to the more common and much weaker foam laminates. 1050D Senior Ballistic cloth is the outer most layer, and smooth pack cloth is on the inside. The outer edges of the laminate are bound with a sturdy nylon tape which meets of exceeds the Mil specs, and all of the stitching is accomplished with bonded nylon cord.The holster is fitted with an adjustable tension device, a hammer strap and a belt tie down. It comes embossed with our Smith & Wesson logo.

Right Hand M29/629 8-3/8" Black Nylahide Shoulder Holster