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Warne Manufacturing has developed a scope mounting system for Smith & Wesson K, L & N Frame revolvers allowing the use of multiple optics or the factory sights. The new system when used with Warne's quick detachable rings, enables switching between optics and returning to zero each and every time. Or the user can remove the optics and employ the factory sights, which also remain zeroed. Made from solid steel to handle recoil, this base is the first of its kind. The Smith & Wesson rear sight is removed to install most scope mounts. Warne's base allows the user to reinstall the rear sight and front sight onto the top of the base. The factory sights are then fully functional. The rings are made to be removed and reinstalled without any loss of zero. The quick detach lever makes the process quick and easy to perform by hand withourt any tools or wrenches.

For use on pre-drilled revolvers only.

Warne Matte Finish Sight Base w/30 MM Matte Finish Scope Rings-Med