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Smith & Wesson Champions Doug KoenigJulie GolobJulie GolobJerry Miculek

Smith & Wesson Champions

Since the 1850s, Smith & Wesson has been supporting sport shooting, one of our country's longest-running competitive activities, with new products and activities to keep the challenge alive. Along with sponsoring a variety of firearm sporting events across the country, Smith & Wesson is especially proud to sponsor the successful careers of Doug Koenig, Jerry Miculek and Julie Goloski Golob, three of the world's most legendary shooters, and a full team of talented men, women and juniors using Smith & Wesson firearms.

Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek is the most decorated revolver shooter in the world, but make no mistake, there's more to this shooter than just winning with Smith & Wesson revolvers. Jerry is a top contender no matter the firearm, whether it's a Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Series 9mm or the Smith & Wesson M&P-15. Holder of several incredible world records, this multi-time world and national champion is a shooting sports living legend!

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Julie Golob

Julie Golob

Julie Golob is the first to offer a smile and helpful advice on the range, but when it's "go time" this decorated ladies champion is all business. In a career that has spanned over twenty years, Julie has won world and national titles in seven different shooting sports with everything from highly customized Smith & Wesson 1911's to stock, out of the box Smith & Wesson M&P's. This author, veteran, wife and mother works tirelessly to encourage others to give shooting a try.

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Doug Koenig

Doug Koenig

No shooter has dominated the NRA Bianchi Cup and The Masters like Doug Koenig, ever. Known as the "best all-around shooter" in the world, Doug takes his Smith & Wesson 1911's to the winner's circle time and time again. There's more to this champion than a jam-packed trophy room though. A family man with a passion for hunting and the outdoors, Doug is dedicated to introducing juniors to hunting, shooting sports and sharing the great American heritage.

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