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Smith & Wesson Champions Doug KoenigJulie GolobJulie GolobJerry Miculek

Smith & Wesson Champions

Since the 1850s, Smith & Wesson has been supporting sport shooting, one of our country's longest-running competitive activities, with new products and activities to keep the challenge alive. Along with sponsoring a variety of firearm sporting events across the country, Smith & Wesson is especially proud to sponsor the successful careers of Doug Koenig, Jerry Miculek and Julie Goloski Golob, three of the world's most legendary shooters, and a full team of talented men, women and juniors using Smith & Wesson firearms.

Julie Golob

Julie Golob, Team Smith & Wesson Captain

Julie Golob has been a dominant force in action shooting sports for decades. She took top honors in many matches as a junior competitor leading up to her recruitment by the US Army Shooting Team. Going beyond just competing with one firearm platform, Julie has won with everything from competition-specific, highly-specialized pistols in the Open Division to off-the-shelf production semi-autos and even revolvers. She is the first person in history to win a national title in all six USPSA divisions and has over 50 world and national titles in seven different shooting disciplines. An experienced instructor and the author of SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, Julie shares her passion and knowledge beyond the range as an ambassador for shooting sports. From her work with the NRA’s Love at First Shot to being the only female expert on the History Channel’s Top Shot, she is also regularly featured in outdoor and mainstream media such as Shooting USA and Impossible Shots. A spokesperson for the NSSF’s Project ChildSafe, NRA Family contributor, and a SHOT Business Person of the year, Julie’s contributions beyond her wins on the range make her a standout as a pro shooter.

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Julie's Shooting USA Pro-Tips

Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek

A founding member of Team Smith & Wesson, the legendary Jerry Miculek is a speed shooter and competition shooting instructor like none other. Jerry is renowned as the fastest revolver shooter in the world. From emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds, in a group the size of a playing card, to shooting 12 shots from a revolver (including a reload) in three seconds; Jerry’s feats with a revolver defy logic and must truly be seen to be believed. Miculek currently holds five world records in exhibition revolver shooting. Although Jerry Miculek is the most decorated revolver shooter in the world, he is a top contender no matter the firearm winning titles in USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, Multi-gun, Sportsmans Team Challenge, American Handgunner World Shoot Off and more. Experienced in nearly every type of firearm made, Jerry holds 11 world records (five of which are officially sanctioned by the NRA), over 100 national and world titles in several shooting disciplines, and is one of the only people to hold a Life Achievement Award for shooting. Half a million Facebook fans and an enormous YouTube following for his SHOOT Fast series agree, Jerry Miculek is a shooting sports living legend.

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Doug Koenig

Doug Koenig

Doug Koenig is a once-in-a-generation talent. His list of achievements and championship wins is daunting and may never be surpassed at the NRA Bianchi Cup and The Masters. With nearly three decades worth of professional shooting experience under his belt, Doug takes his Smith & Wesson Performance Center 1911 to the winner’s circle time after time. In 2015, Doug won his 16th MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup, the most lucrative and prestigious pistol tournament in the world. Doug attributes his incredible successes to being extremely prepared, focused, and disciplined during his range practice sessions and his strong work ethic. A potent combination of speed, accuracy and skill has helped him succeed in various competitions, from the Bianchi Cup and the Steel Challenge to the IPSC World Shoot and Sportsmen Team Challenge. Doug continues to find motivation, which fuels his hunger to win, by shifting his focus across disciplines throughout the year. Additionally, Doug is an avid outdoorsman and hunter who is dedicated to introducing juniors to hunting and the shooting sports. His Sportsman Channel TV show, “Doug Koenig’s Championship Season,” promotes an outdoor lifestyle featuring remote hunting destinations, the shooting sports and Doug on the firing line.

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Doug's Shooting USA Pro-Tips

Rounding out the 2016 TEAM Smith & Wesson roster are Kay Miculek, Trevor Baucom, Josh Lentz, David Olhasso, and Annette Aysen.

Kay Miculek KAY MICULEK is a fearless and successful competitor. Kay is one of the top-ranked female shooters on competition circuit, a position she has held for over two decades. She has won 15 USPSA National Multi-Gun titles, 10 USPSA National Handgun titles, numerous state and regional shooting titles, and is a seven-time World Speed Shooting Champion. Kay was a member of the USPSA women's Gold Team for 18 consecutive years, during which time she won two individual IPSC World Handgun titles and was amember of the USPSA World Championship Women's Open Division team four times. She is the founder of Babes with Bullets and regularly runs training camps for female shooters. Kay Miculek is the wife of Jerry Miculek and the daughter of legendary competitor and gunsmith Jim Clark Sr.

Trevor Baucom TREVOR BAUCOM is the shooting industry’s first professionally sponsored disabled shooter. After a distinguished service record of 13 years in the United States Army, the medically-discharged Baucom has evolved from flying assault missions in Afghanistan to competing in the industry’s most prolific shooting events. This former command pilot serves as an ambassador for the shooting sports, not only to other disabled veterans but to all disabled shooters. Trevor’s work on the range goes beyond competition as he supports and coordinates events for the charity Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA).

David Olhasso DAVID OLHASSO is one of Team Smith & Wesson’s most well-rounded shooters competing and winning with everything from semi-autos to revolvers and in both Iron Sights and Optics divisions. He is the 2015 USPSA National Revolver Champion and 2015 World Speed Shooting Champion - Open Revolver. He is a two-time International Revolver Champion - Limited Division, six-time IDPA National CDP Champion and gold medal winner IPSC World Shoot Production Team.

Josh Lentz JOSH LENTZ is a proven national and world champion handgun revolver shooter. Josh holds four IDPA National Championship titles in the Stock Service Pistol Division and five ICORE World Championship titles in Classic and Six Shooter divisions. Specializing in Iron Sight and Classic Revolver divisions, Josh is a dominant force in IDPA, ICORE, USPSA, IPSC and Steel Challenge.

Annette Aysen ANNETTE AYSEN is known as the first lady of revolver shooting, capturing more titles in USPSA (8) and ICORE (8) revolver divisions than any other woman in history. Aside from her wheel guns skills, Annette is also a certified pistol instructor. She works closely with team member Kay Miculek as an instructor for Babes with Bullets, sharing her knowledge and expertise with novice female shooters.

Randi Rogers RANDI ROGERS is a world and nationally ranked competitive shooter and an outdoors industry professional. Randi began shooting with her grandfather when she was just 11 years old. Her grandfather, Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey, and grandmother, Karen “Wicked Felina” Pearcey, are active Cowboy Action Shooters and introduced Randi, AKA “Holy Terror” to competitive shooting. While studying for a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing at the University of Northern Colorado, Rogers broadened her shooting portfolio and began competing in other events such as the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), International Pistol Shooting Confederation (IPSC), National Rifle Association (NRA) Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA), and ProAm pistol shooting. Rogers was able to win national championships in all of these shooting sports events while at the same time continuing her education. Randi is currently a member of Team Smith and Wesson, the Sales and Marketing Manager for Comp-Tac Victory Gear and a member of HERCAMOSHOP Pro Staff. Randi has over 40 World and National Titles in 7 different shooting disciplines including the 2011 IPSC Ladies Standard World Title. In 2013 Randi made headway into the sport of 3Gun where she gained a spot in the 2014 Pro Series Ladies Shoot Off. Randi is a true professional with a desire to train and inspire new shooters and continue to bring awareness to the competitive shooting sports and the outdoor industry.