Sponsored By: Smith & Wesson Crimson Trace SureFire

Low Light - High Stakes
Winner Takes All

The Competitors

Firearms & Ammunition:
  • Any USPSA/IPSC Production or IDPA Approved Firearm (stock/production)
  • No red dot optics. Iron sights only.
  • Magazines will be limited to 10 Rounds
  • 9mm Minimum - .45 cal. Maximum.
  • 125 Power Factor Minimum.
  • Shooter uniform.
  • Brimmed cap/hat REQUIRED.
  • Eye & ear protection REQUIRED.
  • No concealment garment required.
  • Mounted flashlights specifically ALLOWED
  • Handheld flashlights specifically ALLOWED
  • Lasers specifically ALLOWED
Belts & Holsters:
  • USPSA Production and IDPA legal belts and holsters.
  • Holsters that accommodate mounted flashlights and lasers specifically ALLOWED
Scoring: Time Plus Scoring
    • Time + Penalties = Score
    • .25 Seconds x Number Points Down Per Target
    • 5 Second Penalty for Miss
    • 5 Second Penalty for No-Shoot
    • 5 Second Penalty for Procedurals
Targets: IDPA Targets
Lights & Lasers: All flashlights and lasers will be in the off position at the start of the stage. It is the competitor’s responsibility to safely activate all lights and lasers after the start signal.
Match Procedure: Stage Briefing
5 Minute Walk Through
Competitors must shoot the stage as outlined in the stage briefing.
Leader Board: Shooting order will begin with random selection. The match leader will be established after each stage. Shooting order after the first stage will be in order of finish with the leader first, followed by 2nd, 3rd, etc.