Cost: $825.00

This three day course was designed to provide the motivated operator a means to expand their skill with the duty pistol at an advanced level. We will introduce and improve on several techniques; such as sighted as well as point directional shooting. This course will also offer the individual officer the opportunity to develop and refine their shooting skills and platform with the dynamic tactical utilization of the duty pistol. 

Ammunition is included in the tuition fee.

Course content includes:

- One Hand/Dominant Hand Shooting 
- Opposite Hand Drawing Techniques 
- Dominant and Opposite Hand Reload and Immediate Action techniques 
- Engagement of Multiple Opponents 
- Selection and Use of Cover 
- Shooting While Moving 
- Reduced Light Hardware & Tactics 
- Handgun Flashlight Techniques 
- Reduced Light Live Fire Drills 
- Engagement of Moving Targets 
- Interactive Training Using Simunition 
- Multiple and Paired Officer Techniques 
- Dynamic Live Fire Drills and Assessment

Length: 3 days

Cost: $550.00

This comprehensive two day course was designed to provide the Firearms Instructor and Range personnel the necessary tools to create a seamless transition from another duty pistol to that of the Smith & Wesson family of M&P Centerfire Pistols. 

Ammunition is included in the tuition fee.

2 days/14 hours

Cost: $250.00

This one day course was designed for the individual officer who is interested in improving his/her operational handling skill with the M&P Centerfire duty pistol. This basic course will emphasize on the fundamentals and will provide a solid foundation in order to increase the officer's knowledge and confidence level at qualification time. 

Ammunition is included in the tuition fee.

1 day

Cost: $900.00

This dynamic, three day course was developed to equip the police first responder with the skillset and confidence required to tactifully deploy to and defeat an active shooter. Two training days are devoted to live-fire drills that develop and refine:

- Movement to contact
- Target engagements at varying ranges and conditions
- Use of force decision making
- Close quarter weapons craft

Course Length: 3 days

Participants will be drilled extensively on the use of patrol rifle and pistol while working as a team in order to move to contact with and defeat an adversary. Day three is devoted to scenario-based, force on force training designed to further enhance skills through the valuable experience gleaned via a variety of controlled scenarios. Here is where movement, marksmanship and communications skills necessary to survive in an active shooter encounter are honed and practiced to proficiency.